ePayrollManager™ is an n-tiered Web application that provides only the business clients of financial institutions the ability to manage their payroll processes through the institution with a non-invasive minimal effort on the part of the clients. It is the fastest and easiest way to manage payroll as it automates all the tedious and time-consuming work, yet leaves the customer completely in control.

The application allows amongst others

·           Instant and accurate calculations of all forms of federal, state, and local taxes
·           Remittance of all forms of taxes to the respective authorities on behalf of the customers with proper documentation kept by the bank
·           Automatic filling of all tax payroll related tax forms on behalf of customers
·           Deductions of all voluntary withholdings
·           Allow payments of all kinds of pay types – salaries, hourly, overtime, holiday pays, bonuses, reimbursements, allowances, commissions and many more
·           Vacation and sick day tracking
·           Electronic direct deposit to employees accounts with the bank
·           Issuance of handwritten checks for those employees that do not have account with the bank
·           Professional printing of pay stubs online
·           Email reminders for tax payments and filing deadlines
·           Multiple levels of reporting details of all payments and deductions available online and easily accessible by the client
·           Easy template to facilitate upload of employee data into the system

The application can be fully integrated with any existing line of business (i.e. online banking system), making the ePayrollManager accessible anytime and from anywhere. It facilitates online scheduling of customers’ employee payrolls, providing the ability to do it as many times as deemed necessary in a month.

Whenever payrolls are scheduled and approved, the requests will be picked up by the application and processed based on a preset pay day.

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To access ePayroll, a username and password is required. Click here to request access

If you have not configured an email client such as Outlook or Thunderbird, you can just send an email to info@ultimatesystemsinc.com requesting for access.